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Tamiya Lacquer Paint 

The Tamiya Color range of quality paints - designed specifically for modeling use - has long helped modelers achieve the perfect finish on their scale masterpieces. Now, existing Tamiya Color bottled acrylic and enamel paints, plus lacquer spray paints are joined by the new Lacquer Paint line of bottled Tamiya Colors. Use them as your needs require: airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details. With a tough membrane, and swift overall drying times - but slow initial drying allowing a beautiful unblemished finish - we are sure that they will become an essential item in your modeling armory.

Beautiful colors with superior gloss

The stunning tones and lustrous glossy finish provided by airbrushing Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint are perfect for model car and motorcycle paint jobs, and its tough membrane suits it excellently to treatment with polishing compounds. Colors previously only available as sprays - Pearl blue, Mica red, Pure orange and more - are now in bottled form, removing the need for decanting when you want to airbrush.

Great for airbrushing

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint’s true, consistent tones make it perfect for airbrushing large areas. Mix 1 part Lacquer Paint with 1-2 parts dedicated thinner, and make 2-3 passes over the subject with your airbrush. Pick out the details with Tamiya Color enamel paints: Lacquer Paints provide a durable basecoat that remains undamaged by enamel topcoats.

Efficiency is the name of the game

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint dries quickly: most colors are safe to touch after an hour and can be masked on top of 24 hours later, saving valuable time in the production of your masterpiece. Again, as Lacquer Paints provide a durable basecoat that remains undamaged by enamel counterparts, there is less worry during paint jobs that require multiple layers of paint.

No worries when weathering

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint's resistance to enamel paints is a big advantage in the weathering process, too, as enamel paints are most commonly used for the application of washes, and depiction of dirt, grime and oil - in particular on military model subjects. Just apply a Lacquer Paint basecoat and get to work weathering!

About Lacquer Paints

• This product has been specifically developed to start drying later than typical lacquer-based paint, allowing the modeler to achieve a beautiful unblemished finish when brush painting. 

• Dries with a tough membrane, making it ideal as a base-coat. It is resistant to enamel paints, meaning you can use them to pick out details, apply panel lines, etc. 

• Bottle contents: 10ml • Dimensions: 44mm tall, 35mm wide. 

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