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Nelikarkeuksinen harja roiskeiden tekemiseen
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The new AK9160 tool has been specially developed to make splashes and to have maximum control in different scales.

It is a square PVC tool with different colored brushes, which have different lengths, filament lines and hardnesses to project the splashes.

It is easy to clean and resistant to all types of solvents.

Change the distance and dilution of the paint to adapt the splashes to the different situations you want to represent.

Whether we use enamels, acrylic products or even specific products for splashes, the combinations and finishes are multiple.

We can use the paint directly from the can or diluted, as these variations will also produce different effects.

Take control of this tool to enjoy an infinite number of possible effects, not only to represent mud.


Green: (long/hard) Large splashes. Large sparks between the droplets.*This part has 3 lines and is recommended for scales from 1/24.

Blue: (short/hard) Fast splashes with small droplets.

Orange: (long/soft) Concentrated splashes. Large droplets.

Black: (short/soft) Short splashes with large droplets.

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