F4U-1D “Corsair”
F4U-1D “Corsair”
F4U-1D “Corsair”
F4U-1D “Corsair”
F4U-1D “Corsair”

F4U-1D “Corsair”

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1/72 Easy assembly kit, helppo sarja alottelijalle

One of the classic aircraft of the World War II period, the Corsair was designed in 1938 to meet a USN requirement for a shipboard fighter. The distinctive inverted gull-wing was to provide sufficient ground clearance for the huge propellor attached to the Double Wasp engine. The XF4U-1 was first flown on May 29 1940. On October 1st, 1940, the aircraft became the first to exceed 400mph - achieving 404mph (646kmh). The aircraft entered service in mid-1942, and development continued through to 1952. 

Parament Item No        80217 

Item Name         F4U-1D  “Corsair” 

Bar Code        6939319202178 

Scale        1:72 

Item Type        Static Aircraft 

Model Dimension        Length: 143mm   Wingspan: 172mm   Height: 67mm 

Total Plastic Parts        45pcs 

Total Sprues        4pcs 

Chromeplate Parts        n/a 

Camouflage Scheme        VMF-511,1945. , VF-84, USS Bunker Hill , 1945. 

Resin Parts        n/a 

Metal Parts        n/a 

Photo Etched Parts        n/a 

Film Accessory        n/a 

Released Date        n/a 

More Features        n/a

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