CLEAN SLATE 3.0 ULTRA remover 200 ml

CLEAN SLATE 3.0 ULTRA remover 200 ml

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Maalinpoistoaine emali-, lakka- ja akryylimaaleille
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Cleans Slate is truly polystyrene friendly acrylic paint remover/stripper like no other. Parts may be in prolonged contact with it, you can soak them for days even. Plastic won't discolour or become brittle. Even CLEAR PARTS are OK to be cleaned with Clean Slate! No other remover can do that! Ultrasonic cleaner compatible. Remover variant 3.0 "ULTRA" can cope with acrylic, enamel and lacquer paints. 

Recommended techniques: brush 

Combine with: Removes any acrylic,enamel or lacquer paint coat

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