U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
U-Boat Type IIB (1939)

U-Boat Type IIB (1939)

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The coastal Type II U-Boats were became the first vessels of this class, that were built  in Germany after the end of WWI.  The improved IIВ series submarines were built in Deutsche Werke (U13-U16) and Germania Werft in Kiel (U7-U12, U17-U24). They all were included to the Kriegsmarine in 1935-1936. Two flotillas were formed with those vessels – the 1st Weddigen and 3d Lohs.

            With the beginning of WWII the Type II U-Boats were in active use as mine-layers in ports and river estuaries of England and Scotland Eastern Coast, and also for anti-shipping struggle in the English Channel area.

 From Spring 1941 the coastal U–Boats were used mainly in training role in Baltic.





Time period



U 9, Oblt. W. Luth, May 1940.

U 9, Kptlt. L. Mathes, September 1939.

U 19, Kptlt. J. Schepke, March 1940.

U 19, Kptlt. H. Meckel, August 1939.

Box size

295 x 225 x 40 mm

Number of details


Model size (length x height)

299 x 88 mm

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