A-1H Skyraider
A-1H Skyraider

A-1H Skyraider

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The Douglas A-1 Skyraider (formerly AD-1) is an American assault on-board aircraft that served from 1946 to the mid-1970s. It was one of the last reciprocating on-board aircraft in combat use in the world. During many years of service, numerous versions of the aircraft were created, adapted to, among others, for closeup or early warning. The first prototype flew in March 1945, but mass production started after the end of World War II. The plane did a great job during the Korean War, making numerous successful attacks against North Korean ground targets. A-1 planes also served throughout the Vietnamese conflict, where they suffered relatively high losses. The aircraft was produced in seven basic versions (from D-1 to AD-7), which differed from each other with more and more powerful engines and improved airframe structure. The basic versions were also modified and adapted to more specialized tasks, which resulted in a dozen or so subversions, the most interesting of which are the AD-3W (early warning aircraft), AD-4B (tactical bomber adapted to carry nuclear weapons) or AD-4S (ZOP aircraft). The A-1 aircraft and its numerous versions were exported, among others. to France, Great Britain and South Vietnam. Technical data (for version A-1): Maximum speed: 520 km / h; practical ceiling: 8,660m, range: 2,115km, fixed armament: 2 20mm M20 cannons, and a suspended weapon weighing from 2900kg to 4500kg.

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